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Leadership Communication Training

Leadership Communication Training


Sorry! The enrollment period is currently closed. Please check back soon.

Full course description

GLS23 Leadership Communication Training with Wheaton College!

How it Works:  When GLS23 concludes on August 4, 2023, you will engage in online, self-paced coursework over a seven-week period. You will learn cross-cultural, public, and interpersonal communication skills.


Two Coursework Options        


You may earn either a Certificate or a Participation Note. The time investment for the Participation Note is two hours per week. Watch training videos. Discuss what you learned. Read one GLS Faculty book.


The Leadership Communication Training Certificate option is graduate-level accelerated study. You will invest seven hours per week over a seven-week period after the Summit to read books and work on projects. It is entirely online and self-paced.


Check out the Communication Training Syllabus


Why Leadership Communication Training? 


·        Invest in the most important skill that leaders need: Communication.

·        Reflect more deeply on everything you learned at the Global Leadership Summit.

·        Earn a tuition discount if you complete the certificate and enroll in the Wheaton leadership school.


Coursework Facilitator


Dr. Dave Pederson will train you to communicate. As an international senior pastor and educator (in Greece, South Korea, The Philippines, and the U.S.), Dr. Pederson focuses on cross-cultural and public communication. He will be with you at each step through your course.


Can I connect with a real person? 

Yes! Dr. Pederson will answer your questions:    


Do you have a FAQ sheet? 

Yes. Lots of additional questions can be answered by clicking here.


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